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Why the Alliance?
The FIDM Alliance was formed by a consortium of 21 states. They recognized that, to prove an effective tool, the data match called for developing a whole new level of technology with existing state resources. They also realized that the willing cooperation of state's financial institutions was key. Collectively, they agreed to outsource to a single contractor aspects of the data match process.
After devising a set of common bidding perimeters Michigan was selected to serve as the lead-state and administer the contract. The Alliance selected Informatix to provide the FIDM Alliance solution. Informatix's response offered Alliance states a suite of services whose level of sophistication and ease of operation would prove time, cost, and resource prohibitive for any one state.
Standardized Delivery and Reporting
By standardizing their delivery methodologies and reporting formats to existing federal standards, FIDM Alliance allows member states to offer their single-state financial institutions the same security and ease of reporting enjoyed by multi-state financial institutions. States benefit because of reduced demand on state resources needed to meet their federal and local reporting requirements. Additionally, standardization makes it easier for states to share and exchange data where required. The result is excellent, low-cost reporting capability that maximizes their return on investment.
Would Your State Like to Share the Economies of Scale?
The FIDM Alliance is open-ended. It was formed so that any state could join and share in the consistencies and economies of scale. One immediate benefit is that by joining the Alliance, your state will be making much easier for financial institutions to comply with the FIDM requirements. This means more and faster collections of child support for the children of your state.

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