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Financial institutions that only do business in this state or multi-state financial institutions that are not signed up with the federal Office of Child Support Enforcement data match program are required to complete and return a signed FIDM agreement prior to October 1, 2000. (Download or view agreement) The agreement will offer your FI several options.

  • Reporting method
  • Data exchange mode
  • Media type
  • Week during the quarter which you will report

At this website you will find all the information you need to comply with the FIDM program. The State recognizes that FIDM imposes an additional reporting burden on its financial institutions but we believe that the offsetting social good that will result from your compliance will create great benefit for our state's children. Additionally, we have made every effort to make compliance as easy and secure for your account holders as possible. As one of the FIDM Alliance states, your state has contracted with Informatix, Inc. to administer the data match. Informatix's Data Match application software will ensure the integrity and smooth operation of the FIDM Alliance program.

Before You Sign-Up With FIDM

There are a few things you need to know before you sign-up with FIDM. The process is designed to ensure security. Once you've downloaded, filled out and submitted the state agreement form, you will be provided with a separate web site address and password, where secure transactions will occur. Download and print the agreement form, on it, you will be asked to make a number of decisions. Go through the rest of the topics on this page for more details.

Data Match Method Explanation

Which method does your financial institution wish to use? Financial institutions may elect to use one of two data matching options.

Method 1: The financial institution shall provide Informatix with a file identifying all open accounts. Informatix will match this file against an inquiry file supplied by the state's child support enforcement agency. Informatix will only store data records for those accounts that match the inquiry file from the State for the delinquent obligor's. All other data will be discarded. The original files will either be returned to the financial institution, or will be destroyed.

Method 2: The financial institution shall match an inquiry file supplied through Informatix by the state's child support enforcement agency against all open accounts maintained by the financial institution.

Data Exchange Modes

Data Exchange Modes

On your state FIDM agreement, you will also be asked to select a data exchange model, either on-line data exchange or media exchange. Informatix has worked out the process so no matter which method or media you choose to perform your FIDM reporting, Informatix can accommodate. On-Line Data Exchange For either Method 1 or Method 2, is the most efficient and expedient method of data transfer. Once you select "on-line data exchange," your identity and the identity of your financial institution are verified. You will then be issued a password and directed to a secure website where you can begin the data exchange process. With either Method 1 or 2, on-line data exchange means account data will reach the state's match process rapidly, ensuring the accuracy of located funds. The process will be handled via a secure web site that will utilize the http s protocol and assure the user of an encrypted data transfer mechanism. If FTPS is preferred, this too will adopt the secure/encrypted version of the transfer. For Method 2 exchange the inquiry file from the state will be zipped (file compression method) for efficiency prior to being downloaded by the financial institution. It will be an ASCII format file of 99 byte record length.

Media Exchange

Informatix is able to accept data on any of these media. CD, DAT, Diskette (only acceptable for all accounts or matched accounts result files which do not exceed 1.44 meg, is not acceptable for matched accounts inquiry file), 9 Track Reel (3412), 9 Track Cartridge (3480, 3490, 3490E), FTP, Internet.

Work Flow Send and Receive

No matter what the media type, files for the FIDM match need to be formatted according to the file formatting specifications outlined in the Financial Data Match Specifications Handbook (Download). The file format is simple, similar to the 1099 reporting format.

Depending on the method you've selected, and the media type you will be using to report, the work flow goes as follows. On the week of the quarter you've selected:

Method 1 - On-Line:: Log on to the secure website. Follow the screen instructions. Upload your data. That's it. You're done.

Method 1 - Magnetic Media: Load files onto magnetic media. Send to Informatix. All done.

Method 2 - On-Line: Log on to the secure website. Follow the screen instructions. Download state supplied data. Log off. Run the match. Log on to the secure website. Follow the screen instructions. Upload the match information. That's it. You're done.

Method 2 - Magnetic Media: Receive state files from Informatix on magnetic media. Run match. Load match files onto magnetic media. Send to Informatix, Inc. All done.

Sign Up With FIDM

Download the Agreement, Fill it out. Sign it.

Send agreement to:

Receive notification within 10 days.

Problems: Call the FIDM Hotline or your state representative, both listed on this page.